Masterclass 3 July – 8 July

Masterclass 3 July – 8 July


Sunday 3 July – Friday 8 July 2022 in Belgrade, Serbia  

Application deadline 1 June 2022

It is with great pleasure that we present a masterclass with Belgrade Chamber Orchestra and Maestro Martin Akerwall in Belgrade, Serbia from the 3rd – 8th of July 2022.

Our masterclass will examine the musical, stylistic, psychological, and technical aspects of 6 significant orchestral masterpieces. Included are daily rehearsals with Belgrade Chamber Orchestra, collective evaluations, and video analysis all under the guidance of Maestro Martin Akerwall. These sessions also include lectures with topics related to your bearing and persona as an artist and conductor.

Finally, we offer daily training in Conductors-Body-Mind-Coordination (CBMC), under the guidance of maestro Akerwall, which has proven to be extremely popular in our masterclasses. The efficiency of your communication as a conductor depends on how well your mind and body are synchronized. CBMC coordinates your body and mind and ensures that your communication while, conducting the orchestra becomes clear and more direct.

The masterclass gives you a total of 1050 minutes active-time including:

  • 140 minutes podium-time with Belgrade Chamber Orchestra (rehearsals and final concert)
  • daily sessions in conducting techniques and Conductors-Body-Mind-Coordination (CBMC)
  • 3 sessions with podium-time with a piano duo
  • Individual video analyzing
  • Personal coaching
  • collective evaluation sessions
  • Lectures on topics related to your career and persona as an artist and conductor
  • The masterclass is open for 8 – 12 conductors

Mozart Symphony No. 40 in g minor K. 550 (1. version)
Schubert Symphony No. 5 in B♭ Major D.485
Beethoven Symphony No. 1 in C Major Op.21
Beethoven Symphony No. 5 in c minor Op. 67 (1. and 2. movement)
Schumann Overture and Scherzo op. 52
Mendelssohn Hebrides overture Op. 26

Active Participation
€ 1350

Passive Participation
The masterclass is public and open for everybody interested in classical symphonic music and the art of conducting.

Martin Akerwall is regarded one of his generation’s most outstanding and gifted Danish conductors. Since 1989 he has regularly worked with symphony orchestras in Scandinavian and appeared in concerts with orchestras in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, USA, France, Singapore, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Awarded with several distinguished Danish prizes Akerwall began his career at German opera houses as Principal Conductor before he became positions as conductor at Bern State Opera in Switzerland, The Royal Danish Theater and The Finnish Opera.

Martin Akerwall has given masterclasses in USA, Finland, Latvia, Bulgaria, Serbia and Denmark. His teaching is rooted in the Finnish and Russian conducting tradition with Esa-Pekka Salonen, Leif Segerstam and Nikolai Malko. In 1988 Akerwall was encouraged by the world acclaimed maestro Jorma Panula to join his conductor’s class at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. Akerwall also enjoyed the exclusive mentoring as assistant for the Russian maestro Dimitri Kitajenko. Due to the years as conductor at German and Swiss opera-houses  the teaching of Akerwall also gains benefit from his acquisition of the German conducting school. Martin Akerwall is a dynamic and intensive teacher who works with your individual skills and improvement from different approaches. With a master in NLP, Hypnosis and Leadership combined with his many years of professional experience  and effective conducting technique makes his teaching extended, individualized, nuanced and differentiated. Yet his principles and understanding in culture and the art of conducting gives you an progressive efficiently and instructive experience.

The Belgrade Chamber Orchestra (BCO) was established in 2018 with Martin Akerwall as its principal conductor. The orchestra consists of leading musicians from Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and the elite of young musicians in Belgrade. The musicians pursue parallel careers as international soloists, members of eminent chamber groups, and as tutors and professors of music.

The Belgrade Chamber Orchestra shares the culture and ideal with Orchestral Conductors Academy (OCA) by being an active and supportive part of the masterclasses for conductors. The Belgrade Chamber Orchestra and OCA believe that true development of conductors only takes place through honest knowledge-sharing dialogue with the orchestra.

Your application will be processed within few days. Participants are accepted successively. Your booking are guaranteed by your transfer of the participation fee.

Apply here:

To fulfill you booking your payment has to be transferred no later than 1st of June 2022. You can pay the fee via PayPal (link) or via bank transfer. Due to administration please be aware of the extra fee of €40 when paying with PayPal.

Transfer to bank:
Bank name JYSKE BANK
Account number 5050-0001575802
Iban DK0550500001575802
Swift code JYBADKKK
Bank address Tvedesvej 7, 3000 Helsingør, Denmark

The schedule illustrates the participation of 10 conductors.The hours will change according to how many conductors are participating.

The Masterclass takes place at Dr Vojislav Vučković Music school close to the center of the Belgrade city.

Enjoy your stay at the peak of the Serbian summer in Belgrade City, known as the smaller version of Berlin and New York City. The gritty exuberance of this old city makes it one of the most exciting beautiful, adventurous and audacious cities in Europe with its art nouveau masterpieces, and remnants of the Habsburg legacy contrast with Ottoman relics. Read more

Belgrade center is located 12 km from the international airport Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. Read more

We recommend to find your accommodation on Airbnb There are many very nice apartments in Belgrade for rent. You can also make your stay just as comfortable in one of the nice hotels in the city.

The course will be taught primarily in English or German. Secondarily Swedish or Danish for Scandinavian participants.

Orchestral Conductors Academy (OCA) reserves the right to changes at any time without notice. The masterclass is financed entirely on the fee from the participants. Your fee is refundable before the deadline. After the deadline we only refund in case your place can be taken over by another applicant. In case OCA cancels the masterclass, OCA will refund paid fee at any time. Any additional costs such as flight, etc will not be refunded. The Masterclass demands a minimum of 6 participants. With less participants Orchestral Conductors Academy have the right to cancel the masterclass before deadline.



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