Both Maestro Rasmussen and Maestro Akerwall are both well-known and respected Scandinavian coaches and conductors. As participant you will experience yourself in the company of a dynamic and intensive duo that works with your individual skills and improvement from different approaches. Yet their common principles and understanding in culture and the art of conducting makes it for you an progressive efficiently and instructive one-direction-experience.

Maestro Frans Rasmussen is one of Denmark’s most respected conductors and music educators. He is known for his warm charisma and his contagious enthusiasm both as a leader but also as a teacher. For more than 40 years he has educated young musicians and conductors at the Royal Danish Academy. He has been given master classes for more than 20 years. Maestro Rasmussen has studied piano, and orchestral conducting at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen. Rasmussen has gained his eminent conducting technical abilities, and long-life know-how from his teachers in the Russian conducting school of Nicolai Malko. Throughout his long career, Frans Rasmussen has regularly been guest conducted orchestras and ensembles in Denmark, Scandinavia, the United States, Africa, and Asia. He has been First Guest conductor at Ho Chi Minh City Ballet and Symphony Orchestra and Artistic Leader of The Danish Royal Lifeguard 1994-2000. As an opera conductor Frans Rasmussen has worked as music director on productions at the Royal Danish Theater and Danish National Opera for 50 years. From 1981-86, he was Chief Conductor of the Royal Theater’s choir.

An outstanding milestone in the career of Maestro Rasmussen has been his close collaboration with Ligeti in the aspect of his piano concert, violin concert, chamber music and namely the opera “Le grand Macabre”. Frans Rasmussen´s recordings are highly valued. Thus, he received the Danish National Broadcast’s Bolero Prize for his recordings of N.W. Gade’s works for choir, soloists and orchestra, “Grand Prix du disque” for the recording of Carl Nielsen’s a cappella works and nominated by the EBU as “Conductor of the Year”. His TV productions ‘Maestro Meetings’ and ‘Voices From The ascent’ was nominated for best broadcast in their genres. Frans Rasmussen is a well-known speaker and motivator of leadership seminars, conferences and workshops and participated in the prestigious TV and Radio programs about music and communication.

Maestro Martin Akerwall is regarded one of his generation’s most outstanding and gifted Danish conductors. Since 1989 has regularly worked with symphony orchestras in Scandinavian and appeared in concerts with orchestras in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, USA, France, Singapore, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Awarded with several distinguished Danish prizes Akerwall began his career at German opera houses as Principal Conductor before he became positions as conductor at Bern State Opera in Switzerland, The Royal Danish Theater and The Finnish Opera.

In recent years, Akerwall has been renowned as a sought-after teacher for conductors all over the world. He has given masterclasses in USA, Finland, Latvia, Bulgaria and in Denmark. His teaching are rooted in the Finnish conducting tradition with world class conductors as Jukka Pekka Sareste, Esa-Pekka Salonen, Leif Segerstam, Jorma Panula. Further his teaching gains benefit from his acquisition of the German conducting school as conductor at German theaters. He also have a master in NLP, Hypnosis and Leadership. His many years of professional experience, psychological insight and his comprehensive and effective conducting technique makes his teaching extended, individualized, nuanced and differentiated.

Encouraged by the world acclaimed maestro Jorma Panula, Akerwall was the first Danish conductor to become member of the conductor’s class in 1988 while taken his Diploma with maestro Panula at the Sibelius Academy. In his early years Akerwall also enjoyed the exclusive mentoring from the great Russian maestro Dimitri Kitajenko.

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